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Chris + Natalie

Thanks for talking the time to find out more about us. We are an active and social couple that enjoy spending lots of time outdoors, traveling and sailing. We are blessed to be the parents to our son Calvin who was adopted in 2018. As a family, we value learning and experiencing life; education is a priority as is being out in the world taking in new ideas, cuisines and cultures. Making sure everyday is filled with love and laughter.   


We are self employed and work as a team building a successful business together. We work from home most days and our work schedule is fairly flexible. Most days you will find us  exploring the beach in front of our house, out sailing or surfing on warm sunny days, or possibly a Yoga class and a quick run at the Gym. Staying healthy and eating healthy are important to us. We both love new challenges and adventures. Ask us at anytime and we are probably planning a far away adventure to some unknown spot in the world. 


We both come from larger families with a strong sense of community. We love being parents and having kids around. We wait for the day that we add another sound of baby laughter and little feet pitter-patter across our home. 

A little about Natalie... (from Chris)

Where do I start? Natalie is truly an amazing person. I have been so fortunate in my life to find such a wonderfully strong women, wife, best friend and partner. I know that she will reflect that same love, eagerness and compassion to any child we are blessed to adopt.


We met in 2002 and have been inseparable ever since. She is constantly pushing herself to be better. She has the incredible ability to make the most amazing food with the simplest ingredients. Eating healthy is very important to her but don't be surprised if it's a homemade pizza or scratch chocolate desert that I promise, is the best you have ever tasted. 


On those rainy days when we are not outside, you can typically find her doing art projects or building Legos with Calvin. SHE LOVES LEGOS! 

Have I told you she is amazing! She is my universe. She loves to crack jokes exactly at the time when you do not expect it.


Natalie has dreamt of being a mother since she was young. Everything in her life has been staged to accomplish that singular goal. She beams with motherly personality to make any child around her feel loved and cared for. A secret family trick is if any baby is crying, give them to Natalie. She has the patience and calm demeanor to make any baby stop crying. I know together, raising another child will be the greatest reward we could ever achieve. 


A little about Chris... 
(from Natalie)

Chris likes to often be the image of a man's man. He finds joy in adventure and ruggedness. He loves to be on the ocean surfing or sailing. If he is not using his analytical skills to study financial market trends and forecast, he is working on our house swinging a hammer and finishing up a large home remodel. He is a “Do It Yourself" kind of person and really enjoys accomplishing something he has never done before. Build an entire kitchen by hand, check, rebuild a sailboat engine, done that, advising Congress on markets, no problem! He loves hiking through the woods covered head to toe in mud or buried in saw dust from a recent woodworking project. But there is a secret through all that manly-man persona...

He is the sweetest man you will ever meet!


He does not like watching scary movies because he screams at every surprise. He cries when he sees an image of anyone suffering and he loves to sing whenever possible. In the grocery store and you hear a 6 foot tall, burly man singing "Baby Love" by Diana Ross, that is Chris. Oh, and spiders, don't get him started on spiders, he hates spiders! He rarely smiles for photos but as soon as you turn the camera away, he is smiling ear to ear!


This is why I love Chris. He is a wonderful father to our son Calvin. He is disciplined and focused when he needs to be, but would much rather tell you how much he loves you, sing loudly in public to embarrass you, and finish it off with a great big hug and kiss.


His compassion will always stop to check if someone is okay on the side of the road and if a stranger asks, will happily give them the shirt off his back. He gives his free time to raise money for youth recreation sports programs for underprivileged kids and genuinely wants the best for everyone. Pillow fights and staring contest with our son is a typical nightly activity. His youthful wit and sense of humor has on many occasions left everyone in the house rolling on the floor laughing.


These are just a few characters he will pass on to our next special little one. Being a father is something he talks about constantly. He is already planning our next big adventures as a family of 4. Chris can't wait to start a new adventure.

A little about Calvin
(from Calvin)

Mom and Dad: What is your name?

Calvin: Im Calvin. I spell my name C-A-L-V-I-N

Mom and Dad: How old are you?

Calvin: (holds up 5 fingers) Im five years old.


Mom and Dad: What is your favorite food:

Calvin: Chips and Guacamole! 


What games do you like to play or want to play with your baby brother or sister?

Calvin: My favorite toy is the kit to make Volcanos. It would be fun playing legos or pushing them on a swing set at the park or racings cars. I also like to hide and suprise Momma and Dadda and would be fun with baby sister.


Mom and Dad: Or brother?

Calvin: Yes, I think if I have a younger brother we will play cars more than hide and seek. 


Mom and Dad:How about reading?

Calvin: YES! I cant wait to read my baby sister or brother a book? 


Mom and Dad:Whats your favorite book?

Calvin: Litttle Blue Truck or I really like Monsters Wear Underpants. 


Mom and Dad: Do you have a favorite Movie? 

Calvin: My favorite movie is Frozen and ummmm, oh Cars. 


Mom and Dad:What do you think is the best part of having a brother or sister?

Calvin: (smiles) Someone to play with!  

Mom and Dad: Anything else you want to say to your future little brother or sister?

Calvin: When you come I can show you all my cars and toys and we can play together everyday. 



A little about Samantha...

Samantha is a 16-year-old puggle that we adopted at 6 weeks and has been a member of our family ever since. Samantha is great with kids and babies. . Ever patient and loving, she can't wait for a fresh face to lick and cuddle up to at nap time. If it is play time kids want, Samantha is ready to go with her tail wagging and a quick bark to let the fun begin. If it's time to curl up on the couch and watch their favorite cartoon, Samantha will be right beside them fast asleep. 

They say a dog is a mans best friend, Samantha is a childs best friend. 

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