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Dear Expecting Mother

Hi! How are you!? It's nice to finally meet you!

We are Chris, Natalie and Calvin from Washington. We live in a small coastal community on the Olympic Peninsula just west of Seattle. It’s the perfect place to go on a long bike ride, explore wildlife on our 50 miles of nature trails and most importantly, play on the beach in front of our house.

We think of adopting another child nearly a thousand times a day. Are we ready? Are you ready?  Don’t worry, you are not the only one who has a thousand questions! We think about it so often that we decided to give it a name that resembles more of the happiness and joy it brings us other than  “The Adoption Process.”


We are out “Searching for Little Feet.”

It’s a throw back to when we were both children and our favorite activity was trekking through the woods in search of long lost mythical animals and the tracks they may have left behind. Its the pitter-patter sound of tiny feet running accross the floor waiting to be let outside for another adventure. 


It’s our quest, our journey, our hope, that we will find an amazing mother who will grant us the honor to be the protector and guardian of her child. She will know that every day we will be there to say good morning, yes, you have to go to school today and no, fish sticks and M&M’s are not an acceptable lunch. She will know that we will move mountains and earth to make sure the child’s well being, education and safety are our top priorities. Lastly and most importantly, she will know the most common phrase in our house is “I love you.”

Please contact us. We would love to hear from you. We want to know everything about you. Tell us what your biggest fears and concerns are for the child? What is your favorite music (We both love oldies like the Beatles, Bob Dillan and Alton Ellis but cannot deny our secret love of Taylor Swift and Beyonce)? We are on this journey together and neither of us can accomplish it unless we both say, "Hi! How are you!?"


We hope to talk to you soon. 






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